Meet the Staff

Dr. Kevin O’Leary

Dr. O’Leary is truly humbled to be of service to his many guests that visit us. He welcomes each and all with his unique playfulness and sense of humor. Although his passion is your dental rehabilitation; it is the relationships that he develops with his guests that he truly thrives upon.

O’Leary Dental opened its practice in August of 1992 at 2004 West Court Street, Janesville.

Our focus has traditionally been Cosmetic dentistry: What else do you call getting all the lead out? White restorations look better. However, looks without good feel became a problem. Neuromuscular Dentistry and the ability to place the jaws in the “right position” soon became our focus. Presently, we welcome and care for numerous patients with seemingly untreatable headaches and arthritic TMJ joints…neuromuscularly!

Now Dr. O’Leary places his patients in a muscle friendly position whether it’s his Full Mouth Makeovers, Anterior Smile makeovers or Simple Dentures. . . know experience will be on your side when you choose O’Leary Dental!

In conclusion, we practice dentistry, we have since 1992. We learn daily so as to become a better office for you and your family. We may not have all the answers, but be assured we will work with you to achieve your optimal result!